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Co-founder of the production company Extérieur Jour, Jeremie Battaglia describes himself as an admirer of ordinary heroes. In his films, he is interested in the themes of adversity, the body and its limits, and the weight of performance; he explores those themes in Perfect or The Brother (which won the Iris Prize for best documentary short film in 2021) for example, both lead by protagonists with unique courage. His first feature documentary Perfect brought together more than 20,000 spectators in French theaters in 2017 and his films have been broadcast on Radio Canada, CBC, Al Jazeera, PBS, and France Télévisions in addition to traveling to numerous festivals around the world (Hot Docs, Regard, Palm Springs, AFI Docs…). He also collaborates with artists from other art forms, such as animation, theater, dance, or music through various art film, dance, or circus projects, and plays.

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